Train lovers of all ages love this fun design. Made from 100% ribbed cotton, Flapjacks hug the body in toasty comfort from top to bottom. The decorative trap door is all sewn up for safety, modestly covering your little darling's "caboose." 

Kids Flapjacks
Flapjacks 2T, Height 34"-36", Weight 28-31 lbs.
Flapjacks 3T, Height 36"-39", Weight 32-36 lbs.
Flapjacks 4T, Height 40"-,45" Weight 36-49 lbs.
Flapjacks K-6, Height 45"-50", Weight 49-59 lbs.
Flapjacks K-10, Height 54"-56" Weight 69-87 lbs
Flapjacks K-8, Height 51"-53", Weight 59-69 lbs.
Flapjacks K-12, Height 56"-58", Weight 56-95 lbs.

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Train Kids Flapjacks

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