Bear Cheeks Kid Onesie Flapjacks are part of our best selling Family Matching set. These Comfy pajamas provide a classic style that appeals to the most stylish family. Cradling the body in snug comfort, Flapjacks provide stretchable movement, cozy warmth, and a classically cool style that is timeless. The Bear Cheek flap is decorative.

Kids Flapjacks
Flapjacks 2T, Height 34"-36", Weight 28-31 lbs.
Flapjacks 3T, Height 36"-39", Weight 32-36 lbs.
Flapjacks 4T, Height 40"-,45" Weight 36-49 lbs.
Flapjacks K-6, Height 45"-50", Weight 49-59 lbs.
Flapjacks K-10, Height 54"-56" Weight 69-87 lbs
Flapjacks K-8, Height 51"-53", Weight 59-69 lbs.
Flapjacks K-12, Height 56"-58", Weight 56-95 lbs.

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Bear Cheek Plaid Kid Flapjacks

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